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As part of Campbell, Lauter & Murphy's involvement in sports litigation, the firm currently consults with the Director of Legal Affairs for the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The firm has handled cases regarding investigation of urine samples, and drug testing.

Representative Cases Handled:

Noon v. U.S.A. Track & Field
(San Diego County Superior Court)

Plaintiff, a former San Diego High School athlete and NCAA shot put champion, presented claims that his suspension from competition during the investigation of plaintiff's refusal to provide a urine sample had caused plaintiff to not be selected for the 1992 U.S. Olympic Team. The lawsuit, seeking in excess of $10,000,00 in general and special damages, was filed against U.S.A. Track & Field; its general counsel; and its director for drug testing - all represented by CLM - as well as the track and field coach for UCLA; the Regents of the University of California; and UCLA. The case could not be settled before trial.

Following a six week trial, the jury returned a verdict in favor of plaintiff. U.S.A. Track & Field then pursued motions for new trial on the basis of numerous motions that had been filed with the trial court before the case went to a jury. As a result of new facts that were discovered following trial, but before the filing of our motion for new trial, the trial court allowed additional post-trial discovery. The evidence that was uncovered in the post-trial proceedings challenged the veracity of plaintiff's claims - as to whether or not he had in fact taken performance enhancing substances at the University of Georgia prior to receiving the requested 48-hour testing notice.

On the basis of the "new" case evidence, the trial judge reversed the jury verdict and ordered a new trial. The trial court's ruling ordering a new trial was then appealed by plaintiff. Defendant U.S.A. Track & Field cross-appealed on all of the legal rulings made by the trial judge leading up to trial. The Fourth District Court of Appeal ruled on March 18, 1998 that judgment would be entered in favor of defendant U.S.A. Track & Field - on the issues that had been briefed by CVL prior to the start of that trial. Plaintiff appealed the Fourth Appellate District's ruling to the California Supreme Court, where the decision of the Court of Appeal was upheld. The matter was then remanded to the trial court for purposes of an entry of judgment in accordance with the Fourth District Court of Appeal's decision, holding in favor of defendant U.S.A. Track & Field on all grounds. U.S.A. Track & Field was also entitled to its cost on appeal as the prevailing party.

The above list is representative of some of the cases that have been handled by Campbell, Lauter & Murphy and its partners. For more information, please contact CLM directly.

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