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Baldwin Builders v. Coast Plastering Corporation
Ron Lauter represented Coast Plastering, and successfully won this appeal which established new law in California that where a contractual provision separately provides for the recovery of attorneys' fees incurred...
Karas v. Miller
Stemming from his expertise as a construction defect and business dispute attorney, Mr. Campbell was asked to defend his client, an established homeowner's association law firm, against claims of fraud, misrepresentation...
Defina v. Gosch Automotive
Partner Ron Lauter represented an automotive company in a wrongful termination claim in which plaintiff alleged he was fired because of a perceived disability arising out of a heart conditions.
Nationwide Mutual Insurance v. Evans
This is a multi-million dollar liability claim involving the 2002 "Gavalin Fire" in San Diego County. Approximately 40 residences were destroyed or damaged in a brush fire that was allegedly started because of...
Bonner v. Rotec Industries
Partner represented an industrial machinery manufacturer who designed and built large "rock hoppers" used for conveying large amounts of rock and gravel to construction and landscaping sites.
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There are attorneys who boast that they "never represent insurance companies." They want to emphasize their position of advocacy on behalf of "the little guy." That is one way to look at the practice of law in cases involving insurance disputes. From our perspective, knowledge and experience covering both sides of the equation in cases involving insured losses is a plus for any client whom we advise and represent.

We Understand Both Sides of an Issue

Plaintiff or defendant, injured party or allegedly negligent party, insurance company or individual, Campbell, Lauter & Murphy, Attorneys at Law, is prepared to protect the interests of any client in an insurance dispute. Contact our law firm to schedule a consultation with a San Francisco insurance lawyer regarding any insurance defense matter.

Our clients have confidence in our San Francisco insurance lawyers' ability to protect their best interests, regardless of the type of injury or loss claim involved. Health insurance claims, homeowner's insurance claims, automobile insurance claims or business and commercial property claims are all examples of the types of claims involved in our clients' cases.

Our clients' goals are our goals: to minimize losses and maximize the protective power of relevant statutes, insurance policies themselves and legal precedents set by recent or past court opinions in similar cases.

Contact a San Francisco Insurance Defense Attorney

Schedule a consultation with a San Francisco insurance lawyer who will put your insurance company's best interests first while working diligently to achieve a resolution of an insurance dispute. Contact us by phone or e-mail. We offer consultations in our San Diego office and in other locations in California and nearby states.

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