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Baldwin Builders v. Coast Plastering Corporation
Ron Lauter represented Coast Plastering, and successfully won this appeal which established new law in California that where a contractual provision separately provides for the recovery of attorneys' fees incurred...
Karas v. Miller
Stemming from his expertise as a construction defect and business dispute attorney, Mr. Campbell was asked to defend his client, an established homeowner's association law firm, against claims of fraud, misrepresentation...
Defina v. Gosch Automotive
Partner Ron Lauter represented an automotive company in a wrongful termination claim in which plaintiff alleged he was fired because of a perceived disability arising out of a heart conditions.
Nationwide Mutual Insurance v. Evans
This is a multi-million dollar liability claim involving the 2002 "Gavalin Fire" in San Diego County. Approximately 40 residences were destroyed or damaged in a brush fire that was allegedly started because of...
Bonner v. Rotec Industries
Partner represented an industrial machinery manufacturer who designed and built large "rock hoppers" used for conveying large amounts of rock and gravel to construction and landscaping sites.
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California Liquor License Law Lawyer

When clients of Campbell, Lauter & Murphy, Attorneys at Law, are threatened with dram shop claims in connection with injuries or fatalities, they look to our experience in insurance defense as a strength. They may be accused of serving obviously drunk, underage or habitually drunk clients who proceeded to cause injuries after leaving the bar or restaurant.

As experienced and accomplished litigation attorneys, if we represent your business in a dram shop case, we will examine issues of concern such as the following:

  • What is the potential or actual liability of your restaurant or bar?
  • What precautions can you take to protect yourself by training staff and implementing policies and procedures?

Keep in mind that just because you sell alcohol, you are not necessarily liable when someone who was drinking leaves your establishment and causes an accident soon thereafter. There must be some clear indicator of negligence, such as if your business served a minor, served someone who was obviously intoxicated or a customer who was known to be habitually drunk.

Whether or not there are reasons to assign negligence to your business in an injury case, Campbell, Lauter & Murphy, Attorneys at Law, is prepared to work hard to protect your interests and protect you from unwarranted or exaggerated claims. In the event of a ruling in the plaintiff's favor, we will aim to contain the damages by limiting your liability to reasonable sums.

Some restaurants, bars, taverns and clubs whom we advise face potential scrutiny from the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC). We counsel these clients on requirements for retaining or recovering their liquor licenses. If you no longer qualify for a liquor license for some reason, we may help you discover another type of license that you do qualify for. For any related questions regarding a California liquor license law, attorneys of Campbell, Lauter & Murphy, Attorneys at Law, are prepared to advise and represent your alcohol-serving establishment in your best interests.

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